About Us

Outstanding Products, People-Oriented Service

JD fortune is a leading enterprise working in the twin cities with a goal and a mission to provide JD Fortune customers a highest quality service that meets the international standards in the fields of water filtration, Carbonated Soda Water, Mineral Water and home security solutions. We are always striving to set a higher standard for services and products. Better service, better systems—better everything. We are making sure that we live right up to the expectations of our customers and clients—with careful hiring, intensive training, and seasoned management support in all offices. JD Fortune is bringing agents over to our way of doing business: helping people and businesses go through one of the biggest, most crucial and most expensive transitions in their lives more smoothly, with more information, less stress, and greater ease.

These are not just words in a mission statement hung on a wall somewhere. This is what we actually do —over and over again. That’s why, once you’ve worked with JD Fortune, the next time you go through one of those big life transitions, you won’t want to do it without us. Our clients keep calling us back. They send their friends, and then, twenty years later, they refer their grown-up kids to us. That’s who we strive to be: the agents and the traders to whom you’ll send your kids to, and about whom you are excited to refer your friends to, and you can rely on with peace of mind.

Our Mission

Provide an exceptional range of services and product experience by offering superior analysis, guidance, and negotiation services in order to achieve maximum results for our clients.