Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System

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Science class taught us that osmosis is a natural process by which water and nutrients are supplied to living cells. The cell membrane is a natural, semi-permeable membrane, meaning only selected materials can pass through, and others cannot. An osmotic membrane allows only water to pass through easily, while restricting the passage of all kinds of contaminants. If such a membrane separates two water solutions with different concentrations, osmosis will cause water to move from the diluted solution into the more concentrated solution, as if to dilute it.
In reverse osmosis, the opposite occurs. Pressure is applied to the solution with a higher solids concentration to cause the flow of liquid to reverse (from concentrate to permeate), unlike natural osmosis. The synthetically-produced membrane allows only the water molecules with very few other molecules to pass through into a storage tank for future use. The remaining source water, containing a higher percentage of contaminants, is left to waste. The process, known as ion exclusion, occurs when ions, or charged atoms, form a barrier at the membrane surface to reject contaminants. With an RO system, it can be said that water is removed from the minerals, unlike traditional systems in which minerals are removed from water


You know how important it is to keep your family members safe and healthy every day by preparing nutritious meals, encouraging them to exercise their minds and bodies and making sure that they get enough rest. Even with doing all of this there may be one danger that exists right in your home and that is your drinking water. Most tap water contains lead and an abundance of minerals that could do harm to you and your family over time. To combat this issue you need to consider having a water purification system installed that uses reverse osmosis in order to give your family the purest drinking water possible.


Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water, expressed in units of mg per unit volume of water (mg/L), also referred to as parts per million (ppm). TDS is directly related to the purity of water and the quality of water purification systems and affects everything that consumes, lives in, or uses water, whether organic or inorganic, whether for better or for worse.
Some dissolved solids come from organic sources such as leaves, silt, plankton, and industrial waste and sewage. Other sources come from runoff from urban areas, road salts used on street during the winter, and fertilizers and pesticides used on lawns and farms. Water may also pick up metals such as lead or copper as they travel through pipes used to distribute water to consumers.For more information kindly visit this link.


Reverse Osmosis is extremely effective at eliminating or substantially reducing a wide variety of contaminants, more than most all other types of treatment. Because Reverse Osmosis removes from 95%-99% of the total dissolved solids, it is often the best technology for obtaining clean water that is free of TDS and other contaminants. And because it is stripping water of damaging contaminants that can cause harm to equipment, it helps reduce operating costs.
RO systems are effective in removing excess salt and other dissolved minerals, taste and odor, heavy metals, microorganisms, nitrates and pesticides. Water treated by reverse osmosis has a noticeably cleaner and sparkling appearance and allows subtle flavors in foods and water-based beverages to come through.


Clean and purified water is important for you because drinking water has a heavy lead content which can lead to anemia, brain damage, nerve damage, and has even been linked to certain kinds of cancer.


Use this calculator below to check out total cost you are bearing by using bottled water. Default values are calculated for 10 number of persons consuming 1 litre/day. You can see that cost of 10 number of persons consuming 1 litre/day is Rs 90/day, 2700/month, 16200/six months and 32400/year.

Total number of person(s)
Consumption per person in litres
Total usage in litres 10
Cost of 5 gallon bottle unit = Rs165 / litre 9
Cost analysis in rupee per
Day 90
Month 2700
Half year 16200
Year 32400